2.4 (2044)

Dark Menu Bar Dropdown Gone After High Sierra Upgrade


After updating to version 2.4 (2044) a few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Time Out dropdown menu (from macOS' menu bar) with a dark theme, matching my dark menu bar and Dock preference. This was under Sierra. I just upgraded to High Sierra with the release of 10.13.6, and now the dark appearance is gone. I find no way of enabling it within Time Out's preferences, and toggling between macOS' dark and light option (and restarting Time Out) doesn't resolve the issue.

Thank you.

Feature Request: Sit and Stand Reminder


I would like reminders to sit and stand. The reminder should say whether I should sit or stand and I would like to be able to specify separate duration for each. I would like it to follow my actual sit and stand duration. For example, if I set I want to stand for 15 minutes and sit for 30 minutes and I actually stand for 25 minutes, when I do sit, the timer for 30 minutes starts then.

The issue with doing this using breaks is that a break doesn't show a message and it is hard to tell which break it is and I could alternative been breaks. So, I cannot use breaks to emulate a sit/stand.



Shows idle when actively working in iTerm

I've spent most of the day without it showing me a break, and I realized quite late that it was stopping and then reversing while I was actively working at the terminal. I have the accessibility/security stuff set up exactly as directed, so I'm wondering if there are any iTerm settings that you are aware of which could prevent the keyboard events from being detected by Time Out. I tested this several times and verified it again just now. If I sit for a minute so that I can see the timer stop, I can type all I want in iTerm, use lots of keyboard commands, be very productive, and as long as I never touch the trackpad, it will sit there or reverse. I don't have iTerm in the list of excluded programs, and I just verified again that under security->accessibility, I have Time Out in the list of programs and the box is checked.

Since when I'm spending uninterrupted time in the terminal is when I need the assistance of the software the most, I'd appreciate any help or insight anyone could provide for troubleshooting this.


Easy Config Please

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please look

00:00-00:25 NO
00:25-00:49 YES

To worry


Unable to support TimeOut

I've been unable to pay to support TimeOut. When I click 'buy' on one of the payment options in the app, it tells me 'Your account is not valid for use in the Ecuadorian store. You must switch to the UK store before purchasing.' (I am not actually in Ecuador, but was for a few weeks; I'm now in the US but don't live here.). It gives me the option the change stores, which I click, but it then just flips back to the app and says 'unable to purchase at this time'.

I've checked my app store settings and it is set the the UK store, as it should be.

Any ideas?

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