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Test Item Window Runs Off Screen and 1 Feature Request

Is this an interface issue with the program or is there something that I'm stupidly not seeing here to make editing my various testing items easier.

I have an OS X Machine with 1440 x 900 Resolution and I've created various test items for Simon to check every 10~15 minutes. When I either make a "New Test" item or edit an existing one, the dialog box that appears runs off the bottom of the screen. Hitting the Escape key and enter key gets me around needing to open and close it, but it's still very difficult to add multiple notifiers to this test item.

Is there something I can do (without having a 2000 pixel long screen) to make it easier to see the full dialog box, like turn on scrolling or something, or is this simply an interface limitation in the program? If this is a limitation, than I'd like to express my voice to having this resolved in an upcoming release please. :)

On another note, I have found Simon very touchy compared to an older program that I used to use, and while this isn't a bad thing (in fact I like it), it would be great to be able to set somewhere for a particular test item to check a 2nd time before reporting a failure. I tried "After failure, check again in:" option, but the problem with that is I have a recovery go out with no failures every once in a great while. Cause the test item fails, then succeeds. Maybe this feature all ready exists and I'm just not seeing it though.

If anyone has any options for me to try to get either of these problems resolved that would completely rock! Thank you kindly.

Customizing iPhone Template

Does anyone know how I can customize the iPhone template to include the status of the service on the Summary page? Right now you need to click on the detailed page to view whether or not a service is recovered or failed, etc.


Best way to monitor a remote Apache error_log file

I'm wondering what would be the best way to do the following. I would like to monitor the error_log file on a remote server (which I have full access to, SSH, SFTP FTP etc.)

I would like to be alerted when the error_log grows but I don't really want to download the whole thing repeatedly.

Every now and then I change a piece of PHP or upgrade an app and then don't notice a bunch of warnings in the error_log.

Best suggestions? I could run a simple cron on the site and put a tail of the file up as a web page and then poll that?

Feature Request - dependencies

We are transitioning our monitoring from WhistleBlower to Simon.
WB has a nice feature where you can designate that a test will not fail if another specific test is also in failure mode.

The idea being that if your router is down that you don't get notifications for all the systems you are monitoring that are beyond that device.

Implementation wise, you might look at adding that as another way of designating that a test be Paused.


Testing HTTP Response for particular string

I understand the Simon concept of the results of a particular test changing, but I would like to be very explicit and for my HTTP test to pass if a particular string is found in the body of the response and fail if it is not found.

Is there something I'm missing with how I'm understanding setting up a Test?

Simon & Older MasterSwitches

New to Simon.

Is there an already available script for getting Simon to toggle an older AP9225 MasterSwitch Plus?

Simon recognizes when the web server is down, but the notifier won't properly trigger the switch...

HELP: site ALWAYS report changes despite none

I'm trying to monitor changes to this website:

Simon ALWAYS reports there are changes even though there're none.

(or maybe a change in the ad cycle?)

I need help in specifying the Smart Change parameters so Simon will only report changes if there're new articles posted.

I've tried the header (changes between "Date:" and "GMT"), and source (changes between "gm.navigation" and "-->"), both without success.

Simon Hanging

For some reason today Simon started showing a site as down (it wasn't) and hanging whenever it did a check; maxing out the CPU and requiring a Force Quit. Crash log enclosed.

RSS Feed Doesn't Validate

I generated an RSS report for one of the sites I'm monitoring. The detail pages display fine, but the summary.php page will not display in my feed reader (NetNewsWire 3.1.7b1). The validator's main complaint was the pubDate format, which it says "must be an RFC-822 date-time."

Is there something I can do to tweak the template? Thanks.

Take a screenshot of the site you are monitoring for changes

Is there a easy or obvious way to take a screen grab of the web page that you are monitoring for changes?

I figured out how to take a screen shot, but it's only whats on my screen.


Replicate Simon to new hardware

I have finished evaluation and setup of Simon on a staging system and now need to transfer to a production server and license the application.

Do I just need to:
1) Lic app on dev server.
2) Archive then move to the new box or
3) Just mount and drag copy in Finder

Copy Data Folder
~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Simon

Of course I might need to reset some report paths and preference options


Or is it best to install a fresh copy of, install license then just copy over the data folder ~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Simon.


RSS feed read more link points to wrong url!

I've set up a report using the RSS template and have configured it to save detailed pages. I set it up to upload to a server at the address However, the "Read More" links in the RSS feed point to the Bonjour-friendly name of the host machine, which is fmserver8adv.local. As a result when I click read more I get a 404 error returned by our DNS servers.

Is there anyway to customize the url used by Simon?

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