notifier takes 3.0 minutes

I check only 2 services, each on a separate machine.
It's been working great for 6 weeks (When I bought the program),until yesterday. Now, instead of checking in .3 to .5 sec average, each test runs for exactly 3 minutes. It doesn't notify me as a failure, but rather it is yellow(either yellow or grey (the notifier).
I can't think of anything that has changed on my machine, or the two servers.
The servers are running fine. If I quite Simon, everything goes back to normal for an hour or so, then this "3 minute" problem returns.

Anyone have this happen before?


UPDATE: The "3 minute" mark is what Simon is set to timeout at. So it is timing out after about 10 tries to each server (Every 5 minutes). As soon as I quit and restart, it works again for about 10 hits on the server.
I can also see that Simon is not making the request when this happens (No request is seen on my machine from Simon).
Service: HTTP
Method: GET

Is it possible to report lack of change?

Simon does great detecting changes in, for example, fetched http content. However, I would like to get a notification when there is no content change and I can't see how to accomplish that.


I am thus running a little utility program on my server which checks the integrity of server files and produces a report. Simon looks at it, and if there is any change to any files, I get a notification from Simon. This works great.

However, I want also to check that the integrity program continues to run, that is that the integrity reports are updated.In other words, I want to be notified if they go stale.

The integrity checker can output time stamps, so I could use the change detection of Simon IF I could figure out a way to report lack of change.

I can, of course, have Simon sending me notifications that checking works, but I don't like getting numerous unneeded notifications or rush to the server when there is a malfunction of the email system.

Pause not working for SMS

So I have SMS using the email method. I have it pause from 10 PM to 6 AM. It seems to work for about a day, then it stops and I receive SMS at 2 AM sometimes. Any way to debug this? Thanks.


Failover SMTP server

One thing that I really miss from WhistleBlower is the ability to have a secondary SMTP server that Simon would use if the primary SMTP server is down.

The obvious use for this is when you're monitoring your mailserver and it goes down, you want Simon to use a secondary mailserver to send out the notifications. But you can't always use the secondary mailserver as the Simon SMTP server because you also want a notification if it goes down.

Yes, you could create an expanding number of Notifiers, one for each SMTP server but with otherwise identical options, but that really starts to get redundant and messy.

Plus that doesn't help if the main SMTP server just happens to be down and I want notifications from other systems: I really should be able to have any SMTP Notifier try the primary SMTP server and then if that fails, try the secondary (and perhaps tertiary).

So I'd like to see Simon's SMTP Notifier provide an option to fail over to a secondary/tertiary SMTP server if the first one doesn't work. It already provides for multiple SMTP servers, so this seems like a necessary function, instead of us having to manage manually (and messily) with duplicated Notifiers, and still not have the ideal redundancy for any Notification.

change recovery notifier back to grey

Hello all!
I'm sure a stupid question, but I didn't find this in the docs...

We had a test fail about 2 days ago. After recovery, the notifier changed from red to orange.
Two days later, It is still orange. Is there a setting to change it back to grey, or change the time it takes to change on it's own? I thought there might be a place to acknowledge the failure, and then the notifier would revert back to the "good" or grey status.


Simon checks result in failure, even though net access is flawless


First let me just say how pleased I am with Simon - a really great app!

However, today I started having problems with the checks... I use about 10 tests using "Web (HTTP)"-service and its been working flawlessly for the last 2 months or so. Then all of a sudden every test started showing up as "failures" - all of them timing out and reaching the maximum time-out limit that I set i the prefs (5 sec).

When I check the sites by double-clicking on the test in question I have no problems at all in reaching them. Neither have I experienced any other Internet problems that could be the reason for Simon to act out of the ordinary...

Any ideas on this?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to add that when I do I restart of Simon the tests go through without any problems for about 1 minute. Then all of a sudden everyone of them start timing out and then continues this way...

Reporting functionality

apparently i don't understand how Reporting works because it's not working for me based on how i have it configured.

In the Reports window, i created a report called "Mac Servers". set to Save Locally at:
viewing this directory via the Finder doesn't show an index.html file in this location. there is a summary.inc file.

i have a test configured for a server and it is configured to use the above report. there is a file here, for this test, that works if opened manually.

i have a bunch of other servers configured to use this same "Mac Servers" report. from the Reports window, if i click on "view report", nothing happens. if i click on "Preview", a window opens with the error, "file doesn't exist". if i click on "Report Now", all of the files update so that part is working.

I guess I expect there to be an index.html file in the /Mac_Servers/ folder that contains an overview of all of the test configured to use "Mac Servers". this report would contain links to the individual index.html files for each single test.

am i misunderstanding the functionality here?

hopefully what i'm trying to explain is clear...

FTP Service and IIS - Consistent False Failures

So we've been using Simon for some time now and everything works great. I really love this application! However, in all of my monitoring I have two FTP servers running and need to have Simon constantly check to make sure the FTP services are online and working.

The Good: 95% of the time FTP service works just fine IF Simon is running within the same network internally as the FTP server is on. 85% of the time FTP service works IF Simon is offsite trying to access the FTP server over the Internet just as everyone else would do.

The Bad: Unfortunately, this FTP service is running from IIS. Which shouldn't matter, but I've read / heard a lot of bad things about Microsoft's little FTP server services.

The Ugly: "Error occurred: POSIX error: Connection reset by peer" and "Error occurred: lost network connection"... These two errors happen at least once or twice a day from the Simon box sitting on the same LAN as the FTP box; but four times as much with the Simon sitting offsite accessing the FTP site via the Internet. Sending me false failures. I've set the threshold for failures and multiple failures up as high as I can pretty much go, any further (let me know after xx failures) would result in a highly delayed report of a real failure.

The FTP service does not seem to bother any live active connections through other applications such as Cyberduck (Mac), or SmartFTP (Windows), or even the ftp command via Unix while these failures happen.

Could this be an IIS issue? Simon issue (which I'm assuming uses the Unix FTP command for its checking)? or something else? Anyone else out there have this happen to them? Able to figure it out?

We run another application called PageSentry which monitors these same FTP sites using the EXACT same method and it has never EVER reported a false outtage like Simon does, I've began wondering if there are any possibilities of how Simon checks ... like an active versus passive FTP connection.

Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jessee Holmes

false failures

I have a bunch of ping test setup for about 15 mac servers. we are migrating over from our old, outdated software to Simon. Simon notifies me that a ping test failed when our other software doesn't. The servers are all up and running fine.

The ping settings are:

send 5 packets
failure if:
average more than 1000 ms
packet loss over 0%

viewing the failures, it shows:
"20% ping packet loss (limit 0%)"

first of all, i don't believe that we're getting a 20% packet loss on nearly every server almost once every couple days. should i bump the "notify if failure over..." percent up to 30% or could there be an underlying issue?


HTTP Status Codes

I've been using Simon for a while. It's a handy app. But I've come to need the ability to be able to detect specific HTTP status codes. For example, I'd like to be able to count a server error 500 as as a failure.

I've looked, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do this. Am I just missing it?

Thanks for your help.


Server Monitoring Help?

I am new to Simon monitoring. I would like suggestions, ideas, etc., for monitoring servers. Particularly for monitoring FirstClass and/or FileMaker Servers.


notifier behavior

We just purchased Simon and I'm configuring it now. I can't figure out how to do the following... assuming it's possible.

1. check a server every 5 minutes (ping)
2. if it fails, send one email
3. repeat checking every five minutes but don't send another email until 12 failures (1 hour between emails)
4. if recovery, send recovery email

the part i can't figure out is number 3. is this possible? so basically an option between only emailing once on the initial failure, and emailing after every test.


Running Simon as deamon

I started Simon as a deamon so I do not have a user logged in all the time.
The process is there but it does not look like it is doing something.

Does anybody has some experience using Simon as a deamon?

Unable to run applescripts


(first post)

I'm currently unable to use applescript notifiers. I have tried using a simple example script provided with Mac OS X (Current Date & Time.scpt) just to be sure the script is ok, but still no luck. I have narrowed it down to a Simon-related problem as every other app including Script editor seem to be able to execute applescripts just fine.

Also, all other notification types run ok, and no errors show up in the logs. Runnig /usr/bin/osascript from terminal works fine. My user account has administrator priviligies.

I have tried anything I can think of, but obviously there is something I have missed.

Running a basic Simon license on OSX 10.5.6 (9G55).

test for file permission change?

Is there a way to tell if a specified files permissions have changed on a remote server?

for example, if the permissions for:

change from:
-r-s--x--x root:wheel

to anything else... then alert me.

i see the default option for "file is writable" but am not sure how to accomplish what i need.


Simon preventing computer shutdown

I've had a few instances lately where Simon prevented the shutdown of the computer (manual and programmed). I believe it may have been related to the harddisk monitor (my drive got 90% full).

How can I troubleshoot this?

Run in background, Daily Reporting, Dependent task Checking

I'm evaluating Simon as a replacement for a no-longer-supported product and have a few questions:
(1) Can Simon be set up to run hidden in the background and launched automatically at startup. It will most likely run on an unattended machine.
(2) Can I get it to E-mail a report each morning showing basic statistics?
(3) Can Tests be set to not run if a dependent service is down? I want to be able to differentiate between a remote site being down and a wider network problem.



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