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Script Notifier not firing


I got the latest Simon version and I have a problem with a Script Notifier, my settings are the following.

Notifier Options:

Change -> after 1 consecutive changes
Failure -> after 2 consecutive errors (only notify once)
Recovery -> after 1 recoveries (only if failure notified)

Notifier Kind -> Script
* No custom variables *

Script type -> PHP: /usr/bin/php



Summary of Script
The script basically checks the {TestStatusType} variable and send the appropriate message by email (to a gmail).

My Problem
If I go in the Notifier menu and I hit Notify Now on my Notifier, it works but in the event of a Change for example, the script is not triggered at all and an entry in the Notifications section is added with the correct informations.

I modified my script to be really simple, write a text file on my Desktop to see if it would work. It didn't.

Script was:

('/Users/myuser/Desktop/simon.txt', "test", FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);

I have no idea how to fix this. Does anyone has an idea?

I have the Enterprise license

update to Simon 2.5.3

how to do please ?

the DL link go to ""

but the file inside is an 2.5.2

also it could be nice to remove the number of failures on the menu icon when we do "Mark all read" like in a email app.

thank's for your help

Notifications not working - at all!

I'm on 10.5.7 and although Simon reports notifications were sent, they actually don't get sent. I have SMS and e-mail notifications set up. Tested the SMS settings by manually sending an e-mail (Apple Mail), and worked fine. Also didn't receive an e-mail (checked junk and spam folders).

Delete Cookies

I opened one test and in Service there was cookie information. How i can delete cookie daily or on quit or is how to prevent Simon storing cookie information in some Test in first place?


Is it possible to check webmails using Simon?

When i click login in webmail, first i see webpage which redirects to webmail after few seconds and i think that confuses Simon when i try to use Smart Change Detection. Simon should wait until that webpage redirects to real webmail and then use SCD.

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