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Download the user guide

I'm new to Simon and have been reading the user manual on-line. Is there any way to download the manual? It would be real useful to be able to read off-line.


NEWBIE QUESTION: How best to use Simon to monitor potential malicious attacks?

I'm just starting to use Simon to monitor about 20 websites I run and would like to focus on security. What checks would be the best ones to use?

SMS Notifier

Hi guys,

what could it be that I try to add a new notifier, and I can change the notifier kind to anything BUT sms. When I select SMS, it just crashes, Application not responding. Reinstalling doesn't help. I tried deleting the files in ~Library/ApplicationSupport, does Simon save preferences also at another place? What could cause this crash?


Option to keep it from collecting cookies?

It would be nice if there were an option in the Web (HTTP) service test to disable collection of cookies. We have an issue locally where if older cookies remain, sometimes server requests will fail until those cookies are removed. Is this an option currently? If not, could you note it as an enhancement request?

Thanks so much! We are a huge fan of Simon in our team other than this small issue,


{TestStatusPhrase} somewhat misleading

This is a bit nit-picky, more grammatical than anything else, but it has bugged me for awhile so I thought I'd bring it up.

I use {TestStatusPhrase} in my notification emails, but it always says "just" as a prefix, as in "just failed" or "just recovered". While that's accurate for the first notification or so, it quickly starts to make no sense when it's an hour later.

I'd like to see "just" changed to "has", or perhaps eliminated altogether. Or if you want to get fancy, on the first failure it would say "just", but after that, it would say "has". Same thing with "recovered".


Too many tests

I periodically get a message that says I have too many tests running, and that I should pause some of them to get the number to 7 or under; yet I have only 6 tests running...and 3 paused.

Hide Dock Icon?

Can we get an option to hide the dock icon and only show the icon in the menu bar?

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