2.5.3 (2049)

include specific time/date checks in checking options

I use scheduled cron jobs quite often for automating varios different tasks including checking url's at specific times and/or dates. I was wondering if it is possible to add this functionality to simon to allow you to schedule checks at specific times of the day or dates of the year?

{TestFailureCount} variable causes Email notifier to fail

When I put the {TestFailureCount} variable into the body of an Email-based Notifier, Simon doesn't deliver the email. It claims that it sent it in the Notifications log, but no email is even attempted (I monitored my SMTP server and there's not even a connection attempt made).

As soon as I remove the {TestFailureCount} variable, the otherwise identical Notifier works again just fine.

Limitations in the demo

Are there limitations in the demo around the number of times a test will automatically run?

I've set up a single 'ping' test with a 15 minute repeat and a 2 minute time out yesterday, and when I checked this morning it had stalled out ("Next Check"=waiting) and when I got home from work today it was in the same state. Both times clicking the "Check Now" button kicked things off again.

All tests are failing but in fact, they aren't

I've got about 125 tests in Simon and last week they all decided to fail at once.

I didn't make much of it the first time, so I re-launched Simon and all the tests recovered. Two days later, the same thing happened, all my tests failed again. I did the same thing as the first time, re-launched Simon. Another two days later (today), the same thing happened and the usual fix did it.

Although it's getting annoying because whenever a test fails more than 2 times, I receive both an e-mail and a SMS.

Here are 3 screenshots of my Simon window:


I never heard of this bug before, so I suspect it has something to do plist, preferences, or something like that. Hopefully someone has an idea or suggestion for me to try.

I'm running Simon on Mac OS X Leopard Server and I've got the Simon Enterprise license.

Any help is appreciated.

how to copy services and tests to 2nd installation

We've implemented some new Services and Tests on one machine, and would like to copy those to another machine without having to manually create/edit the Services and Tests on the second machine. Is there an import/export process, or what do you recommend?


Want to fail if a webpage has not changed

I admit I'm just starting with Simon.

I want to test a web page, say every 10 minutes, and fail if a certain text on that page has NOT changed. I've added a new "Web (HTTP)" kind of a test, Method is GET, and configured the URL (and Preview shows the page I want). I set the SmartChange to identify the text I want to look at in the Source.

I never get a failure in the test, even if I run it two times in quick succession (and I know the target page has NOT changed) or whether I run it, change the target page, and run it again (so I know the target page HAS changed.) What am I doing wrong -- and how is this supposed to work?

Also, I did not configure a cookie into the Test, but I now see that one is configured: Cookie: __utma, Value: 104681986..... What is this all about?



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