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background color bug

Main issue is under detailed report page the "Status: Testing Now" will display a green background even after a red background which indicates failure on the "Summary Report Page".

Is this a bug? The problem seems to be that when a device status is "testing now" the summary report page will display green regardless of the device experiencing failure. I believe that a device that failed should retain a red background until a device recovers even during status of testing now. This can cause confusion when looking at the Summary Report Page since a device will show a green background instead of the proper red background during failure.

Background information on Simon settings/usage-
Settings for Simon general: "use simple status icons, that just indicate success of failure".

On "Summary Report Page" Red background for failures and green background for status:recovered / changes. (edited html to reflect such color scheme)

Please let me know if there is a fix for this. Thanks in advance!

Up time 100%

I would like to know if it is possible to have the "Up Time" on my Summary Report page display 100% after a failure has recovered. I understand that the "Up Time %" is based upon the average of failures/successes. Also, I know I can manually reset stats of the indicated tests to display 100% up time on the reports page. I would like to know if this could be automated.

Specifically, is is possible to have reset stats occur for all or failed or selected tests everyday at midnight?

Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

SMS Notifier / Recipient not accepted

Hi Folks -

I was very excited to see the addition of the SMS notifier in Simon -- awesome!

When trying to set up the E-mail SMS notifier, however, I'm running into a problem. I can email my personal phone number (say it's 999-999-9999) from to

And everything comes through fine. I have three e-mail addresses configured (with their appropriate SMTP servers) in All of them work.

When I try, with any of those 3 email addresses, to send an SMS from Simon, however, the following shows up in the logs:

3/25/10 9:25:47 AM Simon[70060] Recipient not accepted by server:
550 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied

Does anyone have any hints on how I can coax Simon into sending along the same kinds of information that makes the message from acceptable vs. the apparently unacceptable one from Simon?

Thanks a lot for those of you who created this plugin -- solves a huge problem for me :)


IP address display on summary report page

I would like to have my monitored devices IP information displayed on my Status Summary Report page. The current categories viewable on the Summary Report page are: Status, Up Time, Name, Last Change, Last Failure, & Next Check.

Is it possible to list the IP information next to the Name? If so, how can it be done.

Thanks in advance.

Grouping Items

Is it possible to create groups in Simon? Specifically, I would like to group devices in the html summary. For example, I want to group my routers together, dns together, or certain locations together. It would also be nice if devices UP were green, whereas items DOWN were red.


Ping 1500MTU


I need to be able to ping at 1500 MTU size. I created my own "Ping 1500MTU" service which works fine but doesn't give me the flexibility to adjust the failure rate before an alarm. I want to be able to have the same options as the regular Ping service (Failure if > 2000ms or Packet Loss over 20%). Does anyone know how I can do this?

Thank you.

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