Reports not working

Migrating over to Mavericks mac mini. Reports are not working any longer. Am I left in the lurch with this version?

8/20/14 1:54:56.745 PM Simon[45807]: -[__NSCFString appendString:]: nil argument
8/20/14 1:54:56.746 PM Simon[45807]: (
0 CoreFoundation 0x97e30471 __raiseError + 193
1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x94c32091 objc_exception_throw + 162
2 CoreFoundation 0x97e30061 -[NSException raise] + 17
3 ExceptionHandling 0x90a20164 -[NSExceptionHandler _handleException:mask:] + 1558
4 ExceptionHandling 0x90a1f6f0 NSExceptionHandlerExceptionRaiser + 240
5 libobjc.A.dylib 0x94c32091 objc_exception_throw + 162
6 CoreFoundation 0x97e3038b +[NSException raise:format:] + 139
7 CoreFoundation 0x97dfa875 mutateError + 181
8 CoreFoundation 0x97d3c0fe -[__NSCFString appendString:] + 62
9 Simon 0x00066edf -[ReportGeneratorBlock processVariablesWithTemplate:lineNumber:datum:] + 545
10 Simon 0x00066c63 -[ReportGeneratorBlock processVariablesForDataWithTemplate:] + 194
11 Simon 0x0006618c -[ReportGeneratorData processForSites:isDetail:withParameters:] + 528
12 Simon 0x0006622a -[ReportGeneratorData processForSite:withParameters:] + 74
13 Simon 0x00065565 -[ReportData(Private) writeDetailPageForSite:withTemplatePath:toCachePath:withParameters:] + 111
14 Simon 0x00065411 -[ReportData(Private) writeReport] + 1213
15 Simon 0x00062473 -[ReportsController performNow:] + 105
16 libobjc.A.dylib 0x94c3e2af -[NSObject performSelector:withObject:] + 70
17 AppKit 0x9908f2db -[NSToolbarButton sendAction:to:] + 94
18 AppKit 0x9908f33a -[NSToolbarButton sendAction] + 82
19 AppKit 0x98bbac70 -[NSToolbarItemViewer mouseDown:] + 5207
20 AppKit 0x98acba9d -[NSWindow sendEvent:] + 11953
21 AppKit 0x98a6791d -[NSApplication sendEvent:] + 4034
22 AppKit 0x988ac1bc -[NSApplication run] + 823
23 AppKit 0x98894ff8 NSApplicationMain + 1165
24 Simon 0x0000282e _start + 216
25 Simon 0x00002755 start + 41

Mail not working migrating to new server

After migrating Simon to a new mac mini running Mavericks, we are unable to send email alerts. We can send mail from Postfix itself, but Simon throws off an error:

Simon: No mail servers for domain "mycompany.com"

Any help would be appreciated!

SFTP Upload Revisited?

I had asked a similar question in 2010.

The same customer that I installed Simon for then is running an older version. Until recently they had been allowed to use FTP to upload their Simon reports to a web server. FTP is no longer available on that web server.

Do newer Simon versions allow secure uploads?

If it doesn't, has anyone here written a shell script that could be cron'd to upload a folder and all subcontents every n minutes?


Notifier stopped working. Change detection failing?

We run a pulse test every morning at 0600. We check every 5 minutes, but pause the test from 0605 to 0600. This past weekend the Simon computer lost power. When we restarted it on Tuesday (at ~08:00) we were getting Pulse Test notifications every 5 minutes. My fix was to manually pause the test for as many minutes until 0555 the next day. Ever since then the test has run but we haven't been reliably getting notifications. The logs indicate that no change has been detected.

Smart Change Detection is defined as shown in the attachment.

Is there a file somewhere that stores the last changed value that I might tweak?

Do I need to delete and recreate the Pulse test?



how to set up tests?

just wondering are there any explanations or sample set up available for non sys admin how to set up the several filters???

I would like to see for example if a text or image change is detected on a web site or the server is down?



Delete Failed tests?

I use Simon to monitor our sites and occasionally a site will report a failure that I'm not sure about. It reports a failure, but I was able to access the site (via a different network). I'd like to be able to delete individual failure reports and have that downtime removed from the overall stats. Is this possible?

Unix diff for changes in web pages

Is it possible to output something like a unix diff on the sources when a web page has changed?
This would be a deal breaker to move to version 3, as far as I am concerned.

can i change the "failed" "recovered" subject line

for my alerts the terms "failed" and "recovered" are misleading.
Is it possible for me to change them to something else?
e.g. i want to change "server 2 has just failed" to "server 2 has just swapped to failover"
i.e. can i change the email/sms subject text for the "fail" state and "recover" state?

Twitter plugin

Question: who uses the Twitter service or notifier plugin?

As you may have heard, Twitter has turned off the "basic" authentication of sending a username and password directly. Now, they require a complex OAuth authentication scheme.

I've been working on upgrading Simon's Twitter plugin to support OAuth (or more precisely xAuth), but haven't had nay luck so far. So in my frustration, I thought I'd ask if anyone actually uses it. If nobody has much interest in it, I might just remove the Twitter plugin from version 2.6, rather than continue working on it.

(I actually do use it myself, for the SimonBot Twitter account, and to notify me of changes on some of my accounts, so I would miss it... but perhaps not enough to want to spend more time bashing my head against it.)

Incoming Mail (IMAP) - "Plaintext authentication disabled" Issue

This service appears to use Plaintext authentication only. Is there a way to change this to MD5? Feature request?

Right now, my mail server won't accept plaintext logins and therefore I can't use this test to confirm if our mail server is running. :(

Thank you.

Daily Status Report

I have a Pulse Test that runs every 24 hours. It sends a simple email notification that Simon is running and includes a link to our html-based Simon Summary Report. Simon generates the summary every 5 minutes and uploads it to our public web server. The product that Simon replaced would send a message containing a summary of all tests. I asked if that was possible in the past and recall the answer was no (or not yet). Including the link to the report is the next best thing.

I was away this past week w/o Internet or good cell coverage and one of our watched servers went down shortly after close of business one evening. Even though the person that was backing me up probably received had an email notification that the system went down they overlooked it and didn't realize there was a problem until the next day when customers started calling. He was eventually able to contact me and we got it restarted but that system did have about 20 hours downtime. Ideally he would have looked at our daily status report, clicked the link and seen there was a problem, but he didn't. FWIW, I fully realize that this is a training issue, but I'm trying to come up with a more effective way of reporting problems.

2 questions:

Is it possible to set a mail "priority" flag for email notifications?
I would like failures for this specific system to be set at "HIGHEST" in the hope that others wouldn't overlook failures

Is it possible to embed an image in an email notification?
If Simon could take a screen shot of itself maybe I could include that in the message. At least it would give a quick visual indicator that a system is down.

Simon puts itself in front of running apps

Ever since I started using the "Get my attention" notify, Simon puts itself in front every few mins (more like every minute) without anything having happened which is quite bad as the front window loses focus.

Simon doesn't have a machine to itself here and it should not do that. I tried to remove all the attention getting notifiers but nothing changed.
Thank you :)

Free Disk Space Alert


I would like to set an alert to fire when a disk space threshold is breached. Ideally stated in kb/Mb/Gb or as a percentage.

This would seem like a fairly common request, but I have searched and can't find it within Simon. Have also searched this forum and can't see this having previously been requested.

Any help appreciated (sorry if I am missing something obvious)


Dialogue box for new task cut of on 13" monitor

When I go to add a new task on Simon running on my 2009 Unibody 13", the dialogue box is cut off and I can slide it up any further to press the Ok button.... can the layout of this box be corrected to fit on a 13" display?

CAS Login passthrough

I am testing Simon to see what functionality it has. One issue i am trying to figure out is how to pass authentication through a CAS authenticated web application. CAS is a central authentication service from the java sig: http://www.jasig.org/cas.


Is there a way to make each test run have its own set of cookies?

Unfortunately last night we had an issue happen to a few of our servers where anyone using the same session that continued to hit the server would have gotten HTTP 500 errors.

However, most users would have eventually closed/reopened their browsers (we hope), and we'd rather Simon do HTTP checks such that it doesn't keep data on the past session.

This would be possible if the session and set of cookies that Simon used in a test did not remain for the following tests I assume? I thought I'd seen this option in Simon before, but am having trouble finding it now so perhaps it isn't there. If it isn't, is it something that could be added (the ability per test to clear cookies/session for each request)?

Apologize in advance if Simon already clears the session/cookies each time and perhaps this sessionId was somehow tied to the IP (but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case).


New Feature Requests: Test Service and Notifiers

New Feature Requests:

- For monitoring for malware attacks, some attacks install an initial file, run it, which then deletes itself in a fairly quick time frame. So knowing what that file name is and its contents is important. For (S)FTP Services, it would be nice to have a download option when a new file is found.

- With Notifications, there are several "insert variables" that would be nice to have:
+ (S)FTP Path of Test (e.q. {TestingFTPPath}, {TestingSFTPPath})

- With Notifiers, can there be an option to have "Only notify once after a Change for Time Frame given between checks). The service test still can continue and report, but just don't repeatedly notify.

- With Notifiers, I am making setting a number of notifications for the same Test, so can there be an insert variable option for {NotifierKindsSent}, to show all the notifications given for the Test.

- With Notifiers, can there be insert variables for:
+ {TestLastChangeDate} {TestLastChangeTime}
+ {TestLastRecoveryDate} {TestLastRecoveryTime}

- Simon does have "insert variable" fields for {NotifierForChange}, {NotifierForFailure}, {NotifierForFailure} that produces "yes/no" answers, but can you also just have an insert variable for {TestResultType} or {TestResultKind} that is results in one of the following options: "Change/Failure/Recovery". With this type of variable, you can have one notifier type for all three types of test results.

New Feature Requests: Reports

New Feature Request:

In Reports, there is no current way to limit or group the number of Services that are included in a specific Report. It would be nice to have separate reports by only those Service items under the same domain or machine or other grouping, since I manage multiple domains and machines and it would easier to show the details separately.

- It might be beneficial to have a text field for a particilar named "Group" or "Machine" or "Domain" within the Service record and have reports able to filter based on that Gouping Name field.

- Otherwise or in addition, it might nice to have the Report show all the Services and allow the user to just check off the ones to be included in the specific Report.

- Another organizing option for Reports would be to just include all Services of a particular type, e.q. ALL HTTP Services, or ALL FTP Services, etc.

New Feature Requests: Notifiers and Services

New Feature Requests:
- Part of Notifiers - In the "Automatically Pause Notifiers" area, create an option for "No Notifiers after X Notifications Pause for Y Time". For frequent checks, numerous notifications can be overwelming.

- Make specialized FTP and SFTP Service types with more clearly worded formats
+ "Does Directory Exist"
+ "Does File Exist"
+ "Has File Changed"
+ "Has Permissions Changed"
+ "Has Modfication Date Changed"
+ "Has Created Date Changed"
Details of file properties should be available in FTP/SFTP directory listing. Yes, one could make a shell or other script and just HTTP to that looking for changes, but why not make that easier for people. Also, having the script on the same server would make it obvious what you are monitoring if someone hacks into your server.

- Part of Notifiers - Sound kind, add a "Sound Level Setting" or "Volume" for this Notification (like in Speech with slider control). If system volume is high, notifications are overwelming, if system volume is to low, notification go unheard.

Email/SMS Notifiers Never Work

I have spent the better part of 4 hours trying to get an email or sms notifier to actually send something out. I have tried at least 6 valid smtp servers that I use successfully with Mac Mail for different emails and not one of them worked to get a notifier message delivered. I have tried every port possible and tried configurations with and without SSL. I entered all of the valid authentication information exactly as it is used in Mail and still no results.

I'm running OS X v10.6.3 on an Intel Mac Mini that I'm using to run Simon to monitor my client's websites. Without notifiers it pretty much defeats the purpose of using the software. At this point I'm glad I only bought the Standard Version instead of the Enterprise (which if this ever works I will need).

I have turned on the email debugging per other forum posts but this is the only console messages I get when using the Notify Now feature is:

5/9/10 7:43:19 PM Simon[563] Pantomime: Connected!
5/9/10 7:44:14 PM com.apple.WebKit.PluginAgent[333] Debugger() was called!
5/9/10 7:44:14 PM com.apple.WebKit.PluginAgent[333] Debugger() was called!

No email messages are bounced back, I just get nothing. I set up a test using an email notifier with a bogus address to force a failure and the test fails, the log says a notification was sent, but it is never sent out.

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