2.5.7 (2053)

Log of Simon's SMS/Email activity

Is there a "log file" somewhere that records success or failure of the notification messages Simon sends out? Specifically, I had a server fail today, but never got the SMS message (sent as an email to "###.txt.att.net, <###2@txt.att.net, ###3@txt.att.net" ) letting me know it was down. I have three different email addresses there, separated by "commas".

I did get email from a different email notifier, but not the SMS messages from the email. I've tested emailing to those numbers via regular mail, and that worked fine, but I never got the notification from Simon.

I do see the "email" notification messages in the [Notifications] list, but none of us got them.

Any ideas why SMS via email wouldn't work, but regular email would?

v3 Upgrade from v2

Just so I'm clear: an upgrade from Simon 2 Enterprise to Simon 3 Platinum is the as the upgrade from Simon 2 Basic?

Using dropbox to share Simon configs between machines?


I have specified my "data folder location" to be in my dropbox folder

The configs seem to be being shared between machines, in that the files are being updated.

However the Simon app does not seem to pickup these changes.

Any tips/thoughts on whether this should work, or how to make it work or whether v3 does it better?


Restarting Webservers


I am a newbie to this particular product and forgive me if this question has been asked before...

I'd potentially like to use this software to first detect and notify me when a particular web server has gone down...but what would be cool is if it could then trigger a restart of that web server (whether it is IIS, Apache or whatever) so that the site is then back up and running.

I've used apps such as IPMonitor in the past and they provide this sort of functionality...although at a much higher cost.

Is this possible with Simon at the moment? If not...perhaps some plug-ins could be written to allow this.



Setting Up Webpage Change Monitor?

I'm watching a specific webpage for changes and trying to figure out a way to be alerted immediately when a change occurs. What's the best way to setup a test that monitors and notifies only when any graphic or text on the page has been added or removed?


Is there any way to automatically add new tests ? My goal is to have either a webpage (accessible via iphone) where I can paste an URL that Simon will picks up and monitor it (with either default settings, or maybe with some passed parameters..)

Is it possible ?

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