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Email/SMS setup, new user!

I am new to Simon and not very computer literate so just wanted some "instructions for dummies" to help! Basically I want to be notified via text message whenever a sales website that I often look at has a new item added to it. I signed up for and managed to send a text message to my phone by using my hotmail account (e.g. to My problem is I cannot work out how to get Simon to send an email to the txtlocal address, or to my hotmail address for that matter. I have set up a service/test to check the website and added a new notifier. The notifier settings are:
Notifier Kind: Email
No variable inserted or anything else in big box underneath.
On right hand side of screen the settings are:
CC: (Just in case To didn’t work by itself).


I have tried setting transport to automatic, but still nothing happens when I click notify now. I also tried putting my hotmail address in the To and CC sections, and the txtlocal one in the From section, but this also didn't work (and seemed to be the wrong way round?)

I have also tried creating another notifier, this time:
Notifier Kind: SMS
Method: Email
Subject: Check website!

I have both these notifiers set to notify me only on change. When I click on Notify Now it goes dark, but I don’t know how find out whether anything has been sent. I haven’t got a message in my hotmail inbox (or junk box) so I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The main monitor says there have been no faliures and no changes, but when I check the website by opening up another Safari window, things have been added and I’m not being notified. When I check the Activity thing at the bottom of the Simon screen, it says things like “Test edited” “Test start”, “Test success” etc so I assume this means its checking the website ok but somehow not sending off the notification? When I go to the “Edit test” screen and click on “Notifiers” it is set to “Change” notify with “Email” and I also added another one to it that says “Change” notify with “SMS” as I thought at least that way if one didn’t work it would try the other one, but nothing happens.

I don’t actually need the text message to say anything, its more to serve as a reminder that I need to check the website on my phone there and then to see what’s just been added (I work outdoors a lot, always have my phone with me but rarely have the chance to check the sales site on the computer, and instead of obsessively checking the sales site every 5 minutes on my phone to see what had been added I thought an app like Simon would tell me when I needed to check it). I know I’ve probably got the settings wrong or missed out something obvious but this is way over my head so I’d love someone to show me where I’ve gone wrong and help sort it out - any help would be appreciated!
Many thanks,

Not Recognizing Site Changes

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but Simon is not recognizing any website changes. I have made many changes to my website to test it and it never sees them. Any help would be appreciated!


Monitor Blogs and Forums

Using Simon 3, how easy it is to monitor for new topics in x sub-forum in UBB or phpBB based forums and new replies for existing forum thread? And also how easy it is to monitor for new comments to existing blog post? Do i need to use AppleScript to do this?

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