One Notifier for Changes, Recoveries, and Failures


When selecting which notification to use for a service, is there a way to make a notification available to all 3 change types (change, fail, or recover) in one line instead of creating three lines?


Notification Based on Schedule


We are looking to setup notifications based on schedule. For example, during business hours email so and so, and off business hours text so and so. Is this possible?


All tests 'fail' intermittently

We have 31 tests running, mostly http but a smattering of DNS, POP, IMAP etc

Approximately once a month (it's intermittent and there's no pattern we can see) all alerts are triggered saying the tests are down. However checking the services and the line shows no problems.

The tests on Simon don't then recover they are all stuck showing the services they monitor as being down. While Simon appears to be up and running normally we are unable to highlight click on any particular test.

Quitting and relaunching fixes it and all tests immediately then show as recovered.

Simon is running on Mac OS X 10.5.8 Server on a 2 x 3GHz Quad-core intel Mac Pro. The only other things running on there are Apache, MySQL for website development. These services (and anything else on the server) all still work fine when Simon is acting up. There are no other issues we are aware of on this machine.

How too check for RDP client being up

I have a Windows XP PC that I'd like to check on, which has the Remote Desktop service running. I don't see this as a choice in the Service dropdown for Simon. How do I check for RDP service?



can it automatically log back into VPN when VPN connection times out?

I'd like to run Simon at home, but the servers I need to monitor are at work behind a firewall. Is there a way to have Simon automatically log into my VPN? I can log in myself but it will automatically log me out in 8 hours, so I can't leave it on and Simon will then generate a warning that the servers can't be reached. Any way to have it renew the VPN connection itself when it gets logged out?


is it possible to save the set of site test definitions and notifiers?

I've just defined a bunch of site tests in the Simon Monitor. I'm running this at work, and would also like to run the identical set of tests on a machine at home. What's the easiest way to copy the definitions so that I wouldn't have to do it all again? Is there a preference file or some other place where notifiers and test definitions are saved that can be moved?

thank you,


Example Needed - Changed Text

Maybe I'm dumb, but since upgrading my Simon, previously-configured monitors that were checking the status of a web page by looking at text are no longer working. I'm unable to get a filter configured to accomplish this for me.

We have a special page configured that will change status: Status: "|--OK--|" or "Status: |--FAIL--|"

Are there any examples I could look at?

(Sorry - I don't see a way of searching this forum for similar requests.)


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