Different Notification Text Based on Status

Hi, I would like my email notification to send out different text based on the status of a test. How would I configure it?


Lowest "After success, check again in" setting for a Test, can this be under 20 seconds?

When configuring an item to be Tested (towards a URL on a local network) I am unable to get Simon to poll repeatedly with a success interval of less than 20 seconds.

If the Simon > "Test" > Edit Test > Options > After success, check again value is set to 10 seconds, the lowest the main Monitor window reports as an interval between tests is 20 seconds. This is confirmed as the test cycle poll next occurs some 20 seconds later.

I have very simple monitoring in place on a local LAN and wonder is this a system imposed restriction, if so I cant find it anywhere? All values from 1 - 19 are stored by default when OK is selected, yet the interval is not reduced between tests in the main Monitor window. A restart of the app does not change the interval to below the minimum of 20 seconds.

Of note, I'm keen to set this to an interval of 1 for a month (or so) whilst I debug another web based application to know when crashing occurs based on user input.

SFTP directory change?

I did look around for SFTP here before I posted this... didn't find what I needed.

I'm looking for a way to monitor an SFTP upload directory for changes. I have one for my client's clients, and I need to know when one of his clients uploads something. I see a lot of FTP options in Simon, but no SFTP.

Suggestions as to how to be notified if the directory of this SFTP location changes, would be greatly appreciated.


Can Simon run on server and survive reboots and logouts?

Is it possible to run Simon on my Apple Server such that it would start automatically on system reboot and stay up no matter who was or wasn't logged in? If so, how?



Why does "hiding" it on system startup not work?!?

I've got Simon added to the Startup items on my 10.6.7 system (System Preferences). I've checked the "hide" box so that I don't see its window (it runs in "background"). But it doesn't work - when the system starts, I still see the Simon window and it's in the dock. Why doesn't it obey the "hide" box?

Primary & Secondary SMTP servers for Email Notifier

Good old WhistleBlower had a nice feature for its email notifier where you could designate a Primary SMTP server and a Secondary. So the email notifier would first try the Primary, but if it couldn't send the email there, it would then try the Secondary.

Simon allows you to add multiple SMTP servers, but the only choice other than choosing exactly one of the servers is "Automatic", which (based on the help text) chooses a server based on the domain of the "To" address.

Both of my SMTP servers are in my domain (different host names), but I don't want to use "Automatic" because I want to explicitly set which SMTP server is used most of the time, and which one is only used when the primary is down.

I'd like to see an enhancement in a future version where we could designate Primary, Secondary and perhaps even a Tertiary SMTP server, and if Simon can't send an email using the Primary, it would fail over to Secondary, then if it still can't send, fail over to Tertiary.


„downgrading“ of license?


and i've got a strange question ;-)
i want to use my 3.0-license on a g4 with os x 10.4, because it's running 24 h/day
in our office and is perfect for such a task. but i can't register the old 2.5.7-version
with my serial. is there a way … ?

thanks and best regards,

HTTP Service result code


I am evaluating Simon currently and one of the things I want to test is the availability of a couple of web services.

I added a check to the service but I would like to return another statuscode than 200.

However, Simon 'complains' that the result can not be cached and returns an error.

Do I miss something or do I really need to return a statuscode 200?



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