3.0.2 (3005)

Paid support/consultation possible?

Hi David et al.
I am only using a fraction of the capabilities of Simon and really need 1-on-1 consultation to meet my objectives. I have scoured through the user guide with some success but alas there are things I have been unable to make happen.

In my email exchanges with David, he has been very responsive and helpful however lengthy emails from both sides and the likelihood that much will still 'go over my head' means that I eagerly seek someone who will virtually sit down with me and set up more advanced tests to my specifications.

Of course I would be happy to reimburse for this kind act.

Please help!!

Best, Richard

Sample Test Recovery?

Is there a way to recover the three sample test scripts that originally were available when the application was first installed? I removed them accidentally, and even reinstalling the application will not recover them. I am running into difficulty checking a site for changes, and need to refer to these test scripts for guidance.

Thank you!

Packaged Sounds Not Playing

Excellent Product! - Kudos to the developer.

However, I have been unable to 'activate' the sounds that come packaged with the application (or any Dejal application). When I select them, they do not play. I am running Snow Leopard with all current updates.

FYI, I have the same problem with the "Time Out" application, where only the native Mac sounds will play... the new sounds packaged with the software will not (buzzer, orchestra, etc.).

Is there something I must do to activate these sounds/actions?

Thank you!

Bogus HTTP/HTTPS test failures

I upgraded to v3 recently from v2, and a few times in the ensuing month, I've had a few of my HTTP and HTTPS tests start timing out for no apparent reason. This is reported this as a failure and it continues for at least 30 minutes (the longest that I've let Simon run in that state, to see if it recovers). I can go into the test's Preview and sure enough it just sits there with the barber pole going until it times out.

On the same machine that's running Simon and while Simon is actively reporting the timeouts, I can fire up Safari and perform the same simple checks manually and they work fine (no timeouts, response is immediate), so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the machine, the network or the OS.

If I just quit the Simon app and relaunch it, the tests immediately start working properly, again seemingly pointing to an issue with Simon.

I'm running this on a PowerMac G5 running 10.5.8.

Has anyone else seen this?

It seems pretty intermittent and random, but is there anything that I can do to gather troubleshooting info when the situation occurs?


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