breaks not paused during idle time UPDATED

Subject says it all -- scheduled breaks do not take idle time into account. Makes the whole idea of a timeout fairly pointless.

Log segment attached --- note that I used to two types of breaks and saw the same problem -- removed one to simplify testing.

Also changed screensaver in case that was problem -- no difference.

Mon 21 7:31pm
Another log with all options on:

TLS security in Simon Email SMTP Notifier

I'm experimenting with sending email from Simon via SMTP through our Office 365 domain, but it doesn't appear to work with Simon right now.

Microsoft's page on Client SMTP Submission says: "Confirm that your device or application supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) for SMTP on either port 587 or port 25 (587 is recommended)."

Simon's SMTP setup has a checkbox for SSL, but nothing that I can find regarding TLS. I did a bit of research and it seems like TLS is the successor to SSL for email submission and an up-and-coming protocol for security, so perhaps something that Simon should support.


Windows keep resizing

Every time I open "Edit Notifier xxx" it gets bigger until it's so large that that the "Cancel" and "Ok" buttons are off the bottom of the screen and I can't access them.

These windows can only be resized horizontally, not vertically.

Eventually when they get too big, after opening them 4-5 times. I have to delete the pref files to reset them.

Help! Thanks

Notice change in website with a test

Hey, I only started using the free version of Simon for 2 days now and I plan to use it to detect changes in a website (see wich person has posted something new). My knowledge about this is pretty restricted but I want to find out if it's usefull for me before the trial is expired.

So my question is, to perform a test, I put the website in Service --> Web Http --> Url
After that I go into Filter ---> select Any --> Change ---> Input response Text

Now from what I understand, this should give me the changes on the website when I go into Changes in the Monitor (after a couple of tests and after a change really has taken place)

Well I did see soms change in the code, wich is allready a nice thing , but is there a way to see really the text that has been changed? eg: no need to go check the site to see the difference?

Pulse service not working

Using a Test based on the standard Pulse service, no Change is being registered...
- there is no Filter specified
- there is a Change Notifier set up (2 in fact, Sax & Twitter)
- both Notifiers work fine on their own
- the Preview... button (when editting the test) shows the current date & time including seconds
- each test of Pulse succeeds, but no Change is registered
- the Activity View *does* show the changing time in the Details column:

What am I missing?

Damaged notifier

I have a notifier failing to send an SMS. This is the second time this has happened. The first time was immediately after upgrading from version 2 to 3. I fixed it by discarding the Simon preference file and Notifiers.simon. Then re-created all my notifiers. Now it has happened again. Odd thing is when the server recovered the same notifier succeeded in sending an SMS. When I attempt to edit the notifier I get a damaged screen. See my attached screen shot.

Filemaker Server Tests failing after update to 3.2.1

Hi folks!

After updating to the newest version 3.2.1 my Filemaker Server Test is failing. The funny thing is, that the preview of the service works and succeeds! But the regular service every 5 minutes fails.

What can I do to bring this to work again?

Thanks and best,


HTTP test anomoly - aka I don't understand this

I have a server which is down - won't ping at the moment, and won't load the index page in a browser - yet the Simon test shows good. Seems like I'm overlooking something here - but don't know what. Get and post both show good. Suggestions for a more comprehensive test appreciated.

Login failure not reporting for report upload

Just updated to 3.2.1 from 3.2 - I had had this mac mini off for a few weeks, and updated prior to putting my monitoring back online. Hit update for the reports, they showed working, for longer than I thought they should, then finished with no indication of any problem. I went to the web page, and it was the old info - and then I remembered I'd changed my FTP password a few weeks ago. I changed the password inside the reports setup, and the reports ran quickly, and the new info showed up.

* it seems to be a different layout than the last version - but that's not a big problem.

So - there was no indication that the FTP login had failed - hope this helps -


Option for multiple failures before Notification

Simon currently allows the user to specify multiple failures in the Notification prefs, and that's fine, but I also see a need for it a similar pref in the test itself.

For example, I have a Notifier that emails me when tests fail: it's one Notifier with my normal email address and SMS text email address. But I have one test that I don't want to hear from until it fails a few times in a row....so I have to duplicate the Notifier and change it to not notify until successive failures just for that one test. Then if my email or text sms email changes, I have to change it in multiple Notifiers, as many as I may need to create to get all the number of different successive failures that I might want.

So I also see a need for a similar parameter in the test itself, something like "Don't Trigger Notifications Until ____ Failures/Changes". It would be set to "1" by default, but users could raise that number to let the test fail or change that many times before Notifications would be triggered.


Whois Monitoring for near expiring domains + ICAL notification

This is the error I get after setting up a service and filter to check whois expiry for a test domain:

osascript[14546:707] Cannot find executable for CFBundle

I am looking to import a list of domains to check whois expiry, and set an ical reminder X days before actual expiration to renew at defined registry associated with that domain.

Malware Site Monitoring

Sorry if this has been asked over & over - I couldn't find a way to search the forum.

I want to be able to scan files for changes and look for new files/folders on my hosting account (contains multiple domains).

What is the best way to do this?

If with Simon - what settings / function do I use? I've tried the http but that seems to give changes every minute or shows the site as unavailable when it is available.

For the new files - do I use the ftp script add on?
Sorry I'm new to Simon and can't figure it out in the time I have to implement a solution.

Does any of the Dejal applications monitor my Dynamic IP Address and notify me of changes?

Please excuse the newbie question but I just download and installed Simon (very nice app by the way) and I was hopping that it would monitor my Dynamic IP Address for changes and inform me it does and what my new IP address is. Does Simon do this? If so I haven't found it yet. If not, does anyone know if any of the other Dejal applications do this?

I am using Google Analytics and I need to filter out any hits to my webpage from my own computers on my modem. But since I have a dynamic IP address it's going to make it difficult to stay on top of it to ensure accurate reports.

Thanks in advance


Dejal config file location

Greetings - the HDD running Simon went to it's happy place - so I'm recovering data. Where / What would the configurations I've created be? I'd (much) prefer not to have to do it all over again. TIA for any hints -

john gonder
las positas college

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