Can't detect changes

I'm trying to detect any change in a web page, to detect malware infection. I created a web http service for the page in question, and a filter for any change. Then I tested it by adding a period . character at the end of the web page and uploading it, but Simon doesn't detect any changes (last change: never). Of course I did some scans before and after the change in the web page. Am I doing it wrong?

Reports - Simon -vs- 10.7.3


I am having trouble creating reports on my new Lion Machine. The OS Level is 10.7.3. Have tried this on both machines and it seems to crash every time we create the report.

I have tried this on another 10.7.3 machine and it fails.

I have tried it on a 10.7.2 machine, and there is no issues.



Email Log File

I have tried every combination of email settings and I still do not get any notifications. Is there a log file stored somewhere that I can see what is happening when it tries to send an email?



Web Access to the Monitor - like WhistleBlower

WhistleBlower by James Sentman used to have a very similar functionality as Simon.
Unfortunately it was written in Real Basic and had a performance issue when
run with a lot of objects and over a long duration and it's no longer supported.

Simon has other advantages over WhistleBlowers as well, like the
ability to use Shell- and AppleScripts to probe the services.

However, I've liked its built-in Web server of WhistleBlower very much,
which allowed me to access the service monitor from any computer on Internet.


SMS to ATT not working

I'm back to Simon after many years and have purchased a license.

I can get the email notifier to send me an email message but I also want an SMS message to my ATT iPhone. Setting up the SMS notifier as [10-digit-numer]@txt.att.net does not work from Simon, but it does from my email client. Similarly, using the Simon email notifier to send to [10-digit-numer]@txt.att.net also fails.

Is there something I'm overlooking? I'm actually trying to monitor my mail server, so notifying me via email is a bit pointless.


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