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Simon 3.4 Download Damaged


When I download Simon 3.4 from the site and try to run the setup I get the following message;

"Simon" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Could you kindly check that the file is not corrupted on the server.

Thank you.

Run Simon on more than 1 computer with Bronze license

Can I run Simon on my home laptop and work Desktop with the purchase of a Bronze license? I need monitoring from two locations for one website. TIA

Timed checks

Apologies if this has been asked before.

How can I set up to check a site between certain times of the day?

I need to check a site daily at a specific time - 2 hour window for time sensitive updated information.

Any ideas how I would do that?



Reverse DNS (PTR record) Test?

Before I reinvent the wheel, does anyone have a reverse DNS test for Simon already created? The built-in tests seem to only do forward DNS, not reverse.


Repeat notification

I'm using Simon to chase a stolen computer. When it comes on line, I want a noisy notifier to wake me up and get me out of bed, and to keep making a noisy until I reach my machine to turn it off.

Is that possible ?



settings basic website monitoring

Sorry to ask a silly question, but I'm still missing the basics of how to set up a monitor to monitor a website. From the documentation available, I don't understand the difference between a "block, block without changes, and change" and similarly, "request text" vs "response text."

Let me try to make this as straightforward as possible: If I want to monitor the status (is it down?) of a website, what a) method should I use for the service, and b) what are the basic settings for the filter?

Thanks! Kris

How to move tests between machines?

I'm not sure why my previous post was removed (and thus unanswered, although it was in moderation because of two links), but I'll post it again in a much shortened version:

I'm moving Simon from a 10.5.8 machine to a 10.8.2 machine. How do I move my tests from one machine to the other?

Test for Simon app health? (Redux)

Back in 2008, I asked this question here:

In the meantime, Simon has become ever more critical in our infrastructure, and if the process hangs or fails, it's a big deal because we're now no longer notified of a large range of critical issues.

Unfortunately, the "Pulse" service is not useful: detecting the *lack* of something (i.e. an email *didn't* arrive because Simon isn't running) doesn't work for quickly and proactively determining that something is awry.

We have Intermapper running and I would love for it to monitor Simon somehow, but Simon is completely silent: it exposes no ports and provides no services for an external monitor to check.

Please add something simple that another machine can check to ensure that Simon is alive. You could simply have Simon respond on a certain port (perhaps fixed or set by the user in the prefs) with the current timestamp or something like that.

This is the only reliable way to conclusively determine that Simon is working properly, and it's a part of the app that at this point is a bit overdue.


Filter script to find deleted content?

Hi script experts!

I had a query that seems fairly simple, but has defeated me... though I think I'm close. The user wanted to be notified if someone deletes a file from a FTP directory. It's easy to get the FTP directory list, via the appropriately-named FTP Directory Listing service. And a simple Change filter will list any change. But it won't show deleted content.

So, my thought was to create a Script-based filter, and use the diff command to detect the changes, including deletions.

My initial thought was to use the {FilterPreviousText} variable, but that would just show the previous diff output, which isn't very helpful.

So I came up with the following script, which saves the filter input (i.e. the output from the service) to a file, compares it to what it was before (saved in a "previous" file), then updates the previous file for next time. In theory this should work, but it doesn't output anything, even when there is a change. Probably something obvious to anyone more familiar with shell scripts. Can anyone help? Or offer a better solution?

mkdir -p /tmp/dejal/simon/{TestIdentifier}/diff
cd /tmp/dejal/simon/{TestIdentifier}/diff


echo $input_text > input

diff previous input

echo $input_text > previous


Simon doesn't start

I've just upgraded to Mountain Lion.
I downloaded latest Simon (v3.4) from this website.

As soon as I run I get the following error msg:
"" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

"Simon Free" from the App Store works, but I want to add my existing license and the free version doesn't support this.

What's up?

Hide the Dock Icon


I've browsed through the forums a bit, but was unable to find out if I'm able to hide the dock icon completely. Can I hide the dock icon and have Simon just run completely in the background?

Thanks--I apologize in advance if this is already documented somewhere else that I have missed.


AFP volume mount test not working

The AFP volume mount test in Simon doesn't work properly when the test fails. I'm running Simon on Mac OS X 10.7.4 with the AFP username and password configured properly in the test.

When the AFP server and the OpenDirectory server that authenticates for it are up, everything works fine. You can see the volume mounting and dismounting on the Desktop as Simon checks it.

But when it fails, instead of the Simon test failing and Simon performing the configured Notifications, a login dialog for the AFP server is displayed, asking for a username and password. The username configured in the test is there, but that's it. These authentication dialogs just keep piling on top of each other and the failure Notification is never triggered (see attached screenshot).

I did try putting the username and password in manually and checkmarking the option to put it in the Keychain, but that made no difference (and that shouldn't be required anyway).


Simon in the cloud?

I've been setting up a bunch of checks with Simon this morning and am certainly enjoying its flexibility and ease of use compared to, say, Nagios. Simon meets our needs very nicely. However, I'm concerned that I'm running all my checks here at the home office; if we lose power or our Internet connection, obviously Simon won't be able to check *or* notify me if something's wrong.

Do you guys know of a way to run Simon in the cloud? My ideal scenario would be to create a Simon configuration locally, test it, and then post it to a cloud service that would run those checks just as I had configured them. Obviously some checks might not be appropriate -- one that required access to our internal network, for example -- but for monitoring public systems that'd be very handy.

I know about, but it seems like overkill to have to buy an entire Mac Mini just to run the occasional check.


Monitor changes in FTP directories

OK I'm new with Simon (using the demo 3.4)
What I'm trying to do is to monitor any changes in a FTP directory (public_html) and if anything changes then alter me via email or twitter.
Can't make it work, is there a limit in the demo version?

Any help would be great thanks

App Store version of Growl not Registering Simon

Has anyone had any luck using the App Store version of Growl for getting notifications? I don't even have Simon registering in my Growl list of applications.

Testing Sites without Skewing Stats

I read in the Help manual something about being able to test a site without skewing your statistics, but there wasn't much detail as to how to go about doing it. How can I get an accurate and adequate test of my site and whether it's functional, but not mess too badly with my site's statistics?

What if I have a few sites where there's a login, whether it's on a specific page or a login form on the main page? How can I test that the site works for logging in without messing up the stats?

Cannot edit calendar notifiers

I made calendar notifiers with Google Calendar.

However, after closed "Edit Notifier" window, I could not open (edit) this notifiers.
Although closed "Edit Notifier" window, status in notifiers windows was indicating "editing".
(see attach image)

This phenomenon was shown from previous version.

Strange Email Issues using purchased project.

Originally I picked up a copy of the Simon (free) on the mac app store. All worked as I expected. So I then purchased a copy from the website (gold). Now after removing the app store copy and installing the purchased copy email alerts refuse to function. I use apple mail as the default but have also used the transport options. All fail. I see the helper app startup in the task bar for a time but then it goes away. What I see in the console log is attached to this message. Any suggestions would be appreciated, since, without the email alerts this does me little good.


Simon suddenly hanging

Simon 3.4 Pro hung last night, and now hangs every time I start it up. When I start, it goes through each test and appears to be successful, but looking at the "app icon" shows all test failed (even though they report "up" in the interface) and Simon does nothing else except eat CPU time.

See SimonHang.txt for all console messages relating to Simon at the time mentioned. I have the "report" that get's submitted to Apple if needed. It's about 500K worth of logs, and contains way to much information to post "publicly" unless required.

I'm going to reboot the whole machine next, and see if that helps out at all.


Mail Screenshot of changed site

I found the script Show & Screenshot, is it possible to embed the screenshot as well in an email ?
txs Reinier

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