Importing and Exporting tests?

I have several types of tests.. some are ongoing live tests that I leave running all the time, and others I only need to run once or twice per week.

Rather than have tons of tests, since they scroll off the screen... I would like to be able to create sets of tests.

Is there a way that I can save all my current tests into a file, and then create new tests that I could also save, then re important at another date?

Then for example, when it comes time for my weekly tests I would just open the file with all the tests in it, and then once done, reopen by daily tests...

Are the tests kept in the Library folder that I can access?

any ideas?

Simon Reports

I am trying to configure reports to upload to a website. After many configuration attempts I finally got it to send the information up to a website. However, as I am watching it, it doesn't appear to be updating.

Email Notification failures

Email notifiers are not sending. I'm using an external SMTP server

The machine log simply has:

3/26/13 4:58:22.161 PM Simon: Pantomime: Connected!
3/26/13 4:58:22.161 PM Simon: Now starting SSL...

But the email is never delivered. In fact I see no sign of Simon connecting to our SMTP server at all.

The transport method is SMTP, server port 587, using SSL, authentication is Password (though we've tried MD5 as well)

Changed text before and after

Is there a way to output the changed text/characters with the surrounding text?

For example let's say:
"...this is a test text that is short..." has changed into "...this is a great text that is short...".
The Block filter would normally output the difference as: "grea". Is there a way to output the difference as: "is a great text"?

Also is there a way to output the changed text before and after the change? So the final output would look like this:

"...is a test text..." was changed into "...is a great text..."


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