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Uptime Calculations - Time Based vs Count Based

When displaying uptime for tests, Simon computes the number of successes divided by the number of failures. While this is fine for equally spaced tests, it doesn't work for uneven tests.

Consider hourly tests that switch to every minute on failure (many of my tests use this scheme).

A day of uptime followed by an hour of downtime, then fixed = 24 successful tests, 60 failed tests = 28.5% uptime.

Obviously this isn't the biggest problem, but I really want to see more realistic numbers. My (for the last 4 weeks) 100% uptime server just went down to 85% from just a couple hours of downtime. It just doesn't reflect reality.

Anyhow, add this to my request to be able to delete specific tests (for example, when Simon fails a test due to being on public WiFi or ad-hoc networks) to avoid them sullying the results.

test for wifi

thought I would share my wifi test
I set up a script service
here is the script

/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -s | grep "{TestName}"

Then name the test the name of your wifi SSID you want to test for i.e. netgear

telnet error

sometimes when I connect to the router I'm testing with telnet I get the response in Hex this gives me an eror that looks like
Step 1 didn't work; received:

Login to Wordpress


I can't get my head around the following... I want to monitor several WordPress installations for Update Information on Core and Plugins. The Dashboard holds this information as number bullets and there is a special page listing all available updates with the URL /wp-admin/update-core.php

Basically WordPress uses Cookies for login but I cannot get Simon to record them. It records a language cookie and the PHPSESSID, though...

It should be possible to use the login form and have it redirect to the update page, but this does not work for me either.

I have web (HTTP) set up like this:

URL: /wp-login.php

log - my user
pwd - my password
redirect_to - /wp-admin/update-core.php
rememberme - forever
testcookie - 1

These values are gathered from the login form.

This always brings me to the empty login form, but I get an error if the credentials are wrong.

Anyone knows what I am doing wrong? Any tips or howtows out there to get Simon to check anything logged in to WordPress?

Thanks in advance


Reverse DNS?


I am trying to use the reverse DNS script and all it ever come up with is failure.

Does it work on Mountain Lion?

Is there any other parameters that need to be done?

SMS Notifier - edit the from addy?

Hi again,

How does Simon choose the From addy in the SMS notifier select menu? I would like to add accounts and seem to be overlooking the obvious.



Notifier help button


When I select the help button while viewing the Notifier list, an error pops up.

Removing Failures from History

During some network testing on my monitor machine, a proxy configuration caused Simon to mark all of my websites as failed. However, they weren't down - just my local machine.

I tried to delete the failures from the statistics, since the uptime stats are now completely ruined. But I can't figure out how besides going into the plists... and given that I have tens of thousands of tests it's not going to be pretty.

Is this possible some other way? If not, please consider this a feature request.

Is there a way to add "from" and "mo" parameters to the Clickatell API call?

When I had the SMS notification running with a Clickatell test account, the messages were sent ok, but once I upgraded to their paid account, the messaged stopped being sent due to a "routing Error" (as reported by Clickatell.

As it turns out, sending SMS within North America requires that two additional http parameters get passed to the API: "from" (the two-way phone # set up in Clickatell) and "mo" (always 1). For example:

It seems like the notification config should allow Notrth American users to enter a from phone number. Or, is there a behind-the-scenes config file that can be edited to do this?


FeatureRequest: group/tags support for tests

My vote for adding group/tag support for tests.
Tagging is probably the ultimate solution but being able to group by category would be sufficient.

Need help urgently

Hi Guys,

I'm breaking my head for the last couple of days and i think my question is really simple.

I want to monitor a certain page of a website OR for changes in the date.

How on earth do i setup the filter?



Growl Notifier Not Registering

I can confirm that Simon 3.5.1 is not registering itself with Growl 2.01. Activity shows that a web page has changed and that the Growl Change notifier is being fired, but I get no notification and Growl shows that Simon is not registered.

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