Reword Filter Response

Following on to this topic (which I can't seem to reply to -- and there's a reply in moderation):


I'd like to see a bit more detail in a the details for Find Required. Currently, I get something like this:

Filter #1 (Find Required): The text was not found (and it is required).

and what I'd like to see is this:

Filter #1 (Find Required): The text "6188" was not found.

View Activity Details

When I'm looking at the Activity tab for a test, is there some way to view all of the Details for a given Activity? Right now, if the Details extend beyond the edge of the window, I can't see all of the Details -- even in a tool tip.

Using TCP Port Scanner/Port Available

I want to scan ports 6180, 6181, 6182, 6183, 6185, and 6188 of a remote server and be notified if one of those ports is closed or non-responsive. I can't specify a range like "6180-6183,6185,6188" and "start:6180,end:6188" doesn't fail when there's no response from 6184 or 6187.

What's the best way to do this? Should I have a Port Available test for each of the ports?

Changing IP Address

I have access to a web server that has my IP address added to the firewall for FTP and cPanel access. Occasionally my ISP will change my IP address and I can no longer access the server. I only find out about this when I need to access the server.

Is there a test in Simon that I'm missing that will directly monitor the external IP address?

Failing that, I've tried two things:

1. Monitoring myipaddress.com for changes. Unfortunately, it's putting up a CAPTCHA even if I query it only every 12 hours. I suppose I can find another service.

2. Monitoring example.com/cpanel and generating a failure on timeout. This works, but for some reason -- now that my IP address has been whitelisted -- the test in Simon is reporting NSURLErrorDomain error -1012 instead of a timeout and still generates an error. I can load the website just fine in Safari.

Maybe I'll just post a page to one of my servers to return the IP address and test that page instead:


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