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Tutorial for web page monitoring?

I saw this question asked back in 2012, so I'm going to ask it again!

I just downloaded the demo version, and the learning curve is steep for me. I'm a creative (I have no programming or even web design experience). I need to monitor IMDB pages in order to get alerts when people I have worked with in the past have new elements added to their profiles.

Specifically, I want to look only at a few specific CSS sections (sheets?) of the pages, and disregard everything else.

Is there anywhere where someone has created a walkthrough tutorial for laymen?


Notifier Script Causes Crash

The command below, when placed in a notifier script, causes simon to crash.

echo "Hello world" | nc (server IP address) (port)

The nc stands for netcat. The purpose of this script is to send an arbitrary message to the logging service we use. I can run this command from the command line and it will work just fine, and I will see my chosen text appear in the logging service's logs, but when run in simon it causes an instant crash.

Exception Codes: EXC_I386_DIV (divide by zero)

Full crash log attached.

Monitoring a website for changes

I'm new to Simon and have found it very useful for monitoring remote servers.
Can someone clarify how to monitor a remote website (not my own) for changes on that website?
The webpage in question changes rarely, but I'd like to know when it changes.


Email Cycle to MS Exchange 2013

Email Cycle - Does anyone have this working with IMAP account on Microsoft Exchange 2013? I have the transport setup for the SMTP receiver port on exchange and the "test" message is getting generated and sent (I can see this in the inbox of my test account). However, configuring Simon to connect to exchange via IMAP doesn't seem to work. Checking logs on exchange seem to indicate some kind of errors. However, I can telnet to the imap port, login, and get the mailbox list and body of the test messages. Any suggestions?


Auto Pausing Tests Not Resuming in Paused State on Restarts

This is kind of a feature request, but we have a few tests which only can successfully run at certain times of the day. They are paused at all other times.

So we have set these tests up with an auto-pause schedule.

This works great, except if Simon needs to be restarted or if we need to restart the computer itself. These tests don't first check to see if it should even be running the test or not first.

Could a future version check for this and start in it's auto-paused state if it's so scheduled to be at that time frame?

Thank you.

Excessive CPU

With just two sites to check Simon uses 10% of the available CPU while waiting for the timers to expire so as to perform the tests.
This is excessive.

Error in MySQL service: Exception in plugin MySQL: NSInvalidArgumentException (...)

Hi! I am trying to execute the MySQL service, but I am getting this error on Simon's activity:

MySQL Exception in plugin MySQL: NSInvalidArgumentException (-[__NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil value (key: MySQLError)) Service MySQL MySQL

I have checked that the connection / query works, since I tested it with remote SQL in Sequel Pro.

Any way to solve this?

In El Capitan, Simon can not identify the registered Twitter account.

In El Capitan, Simon can not identify the registered Twitter account.

I do not receive email when the recovery test.

Hello. I'm not able to receive email notifications when test recovery. I get usually when there is failure, however, when there is recovery, not receive.

Simon shell Script filter: how to get the complete, unmodified input text

is it possible in a Simon shell script filter (any of zsh/sh/ksh/bash/tcsh/csh would be ok, probably even python would be ok) to pipe the complete, unmodified input text to some kind of utility, in a way similar to:

echo "{FilterInputText}" | myutility

This looks the right way, except when FilterInputText contains such characters as quotes, dollar, ampersand, (e.g. HTML code).

echo '{FilterInputText}'  | myutility

will also fail if single or double quotes are present in input text, not speaking of $, & and < >.

cat <<THISISMYENDOFFILEMARKER | /usr/local/bin/myutility

also breaks with some special chars in input text (such as backquote etc).

The script's stdin is not set to the input text, either.

This is a recurrent issue in all shells, and it has NO shell-level solution.

Does Simon include some way to solve this? Such as escaped string/environment variable/temp file/<insert some idea here>? If not, I hope it will in a (near-)future release...

Thanks in advance,

Localization issue?

using Simon with an OS X account that has french as main language, some 'buttons' are absent, e.g. Options and Notifiers 'buttons' when editing a test. (see attached Simon 002.png)
As a test, without logging off, I quit Simon, remove the Contents/Resources/fr.lproj and restart Simon, all 'buttons' appear (in english, of course). (see attached Simon 001.png)
It seems Contents/Resources/fr.lproj/TestEditor.nib is the culprit.
Having switched to english, I did no further tests in french, so it may be that other 'buttons' are missing.

PS: Simon 4.2, OS X 10.11.4 FWIW.

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