4.2 (4028)

Log event notifier

new Simon user here. I created my first Test to monitor a specific link on a webpage for changes.
I used a couple of filters and everything seems fine; the "result" of the test is the new text of the monitored link (see the attached Activity pane screenshot).
Now, I want to log the changes in a txt file so I created a new notifier based on the "Log event - Script" that comes with the default installation.
If I make an exact copy (except of course the destination file) the notifier work fine but if I add a variable to log the test's change as well the notifier stops working (nothing is logged in the file).

I only added the {TestChangeText} variable to the default script so my script reads:
echo "{TestName} <{TestURL}> has {TestStatusPhrase} at {TestLastEventTime} on {TestLastEventDate} {TestChangeText}" >> ~/Dropbox/Webpages\ monitoring/EudraLex\ changes.txt

Am I using the wrong variable or missing something else?

Thanks for any help.

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