Caboodle 1.4.1

Blobs and colours

Is there -- or could there be -- a way to vary the colour of the blobs on Caboodle note titles?
I'd like to use colours to mark different subject areas

Caboodle Lost Data

Opened Caboodle as I do every day (almost) and the window was totally empty.

Tried to import from exported .rtf file and it went through the motion but did not result in rebuild of my data.

Any suggestions, help, solutions, would be appreciated. Please answer the topic only...keep your asides to yourself.

Backup as RTF?

Hi, I'm experimenting with Caboodle as a substitute for Journler, which has sadly been abandoned. One important feature for me is the ability to back up my text files into a non-proprietary format, so that if I loose access to the application I won't loose all my writing. I understand that I can export individual Caboodle files (or several files) into RTF and other formats, but is there any way to have all my files exported on a regular basis (preferably with some of the meta-data)? If not, this would be a great feature to add!

Linking from entry to entry

I need to be able to link from one Caboodle entry to another. I saw a post from 2009 requesting the feature, and a response saying it was on the to-do list. Any progress? Or has the feature been added and I'm overlooking it. So far this is the only thing missing from Caboodle for my needs, but it's essential.

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