Lion & Ver 1.4.1

Update on Caboodle development IPAD Iphone

Love Caboodle
I've been looking at about 15 info gatherers. Mac Journal just isn't what I'm looking for and I love the intuitive feel and look of Caboodle. BUT I really need it for Iphone or Ipad as well. How are you coming on that project?

Missing Sidebar

ok, I'm new to Macs, that is my get out clause if this turns out to be a 10/10 dumb question !!!

Loving Caboodle as I am using it to transfer all my Outlook Notes over.


Whilst using Caboodle, I must have done something and I have lost the side bar with the folder and notes list in it !!! I cant get it back !!! All I see is the entry page. I am sure there is a simple menu option or command I am not seeing.

Thanks !!

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