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QuickEncrypt 3.0.3

problem with QuickEncrypt 3.0.3

In filling in my profile info I used OS 9.x because that is the system I must use for QE 3, but more often I am using the latest version of OSX. I purchased QE several years ago and have been using it sporadically. I encrypted a large number of files and saved them to some CDs a couple of years ago. Today I needed to check some info in some of those files. First, when I tried to open QE, I got a message saying my registration had expired, so I sent in the form to re-register, with my credit card authorizing another $25 payment.
I did not know if that would automatically allow me to use the program again, but this time I tried to open it by clicking on one of the encrypted files on the CD. It listed the options and I selected Auto Decrypt, expecting the password to be requested next. Instead, I got a small error window declaring: Disk is Software Locked.
What does that mean? Is it not decrypting because the re-register info has not been processed? I do not know otherwise how the disk became locked. I opened various files (decrypting them) a number of times over the past months, and there was not problem.
So I have 2 questions: 1) what is the software locking thing and how do I unlock it?, and 2) is the newer QE 4 OSX compatible, and will it decrypt QE 3 files then re-encrypt under QE 4?
Jack Fouquette (

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