Time Out Free - Version 1.6.5 (1032)

Time Out Not working?

Correction : I have downloaded 1.6.5

I just installed TimeOut on my MacBook Pro using Yosemite software and as far as I can tell it isn't working....I have gone in and set the time and sound AND waited for it to start, but nothing...It is definitely installed....It shows on my desktop and in applications. Please help! Glynnis

New feature I would like to see

A feature that I would like to see in the new version would be not have the app in the dock and instead have an icon in the top task bar. Everything else is awesome. Thanks

I want to change settings and can't open the app

Hi, I want to change settings but can't open the app. It is showing in the Dock but cannot open it. I have tried to quit and reopen it. Also deleted the app and reinstalled it, but when I double click on it, it shows in the Dock but won't open. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you very much

Can't load time out on new MAC mini with Maverick

Guess I had to register, it's now working. I tried everything, but now it's OK.

Setting to reset breaks is being ignored

I'm running the above version of Time Out on my MacBook Pro. I recently upgraded the OS from Mountain Lion (10.8) to Mavericks (10.9). I've gradually realised that my setting to "reset if idle for at least such-and-such a period" (5 minutes for micro breaks, 10 minutes for normal breaks) is being ignored: I can come back from an idle period of at least 10 minutes and a normal break will continue to be scheduled as it was before, and indeed sometimes I'll return to my computer, disable the screen saver and find that it's in the middle of a normal break.

Is there something I could try in order to fix this, like trash the Time Out Free preferences and start over? Or will I need to upgrade my version?

Feature: Time Out at Night

I want to set Time Out from 8pm - 6am to cause me to go to sleep by 9pm.

Also, is Time Out 2 public on GitHub like TextMate 2 is? I looked but couldn't find it. If so, I'll build in this functionality this weekend. It's a must for me.


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