Version 1.3.7 (1026)

how to change background colour of a page?

I couldn't find anywhere to search this forum so am posting this question blindly. I've copied code from Xcode into a Caboodle note but my braces and fn names are white, same as page bgnd, how do I change the page bgnd colour?

Sorting items in lists?

I have recently started submitting articles to various websites. I need to keep track of which articles I've submitted to which sites. I could create a spreadsheet with columns for site, URL, article submitted, response, etc. The advantage to this approach is that I could sort the list in various ways, say by domain name, to quickly see if I've contacted a particular site already. Is there a similar function in Caboodle?

iPad, iPhone, iPod App


Will there be an iPad, etc. app to sync with Caboodle?


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