Version 2.0b1

2.0b1 Bugs? Dock and Schedule

First, I'd just like to say I'm incredibly happy with the new release. It's added a few features I've really been wanting, and I'll be happy to pay for the app.

I just upgraded to 2.0b1. It seems when I quit the app, and restart it, there's at least two options that are not being recognized on startup:

- Don't include TimeOut in Dock
- Available "Only Between"

Both of those revert back to default settings instead of my configured prefs.

On another note, I tried to create a custom theme. I simply duplicated the "Tips Shorter" theme, changed some text in the Info.json file, changed some text in the index.html file, and saved. When I try and test the theme via the Preview button, instead of the html doc being processed, I get error text saying "Missing root document name in the 'XYZ' theme. I don't spot any syntax errors in either docs. Any pointers to the problem?

Finally, some feedback:
- There's no way to see the version number of the app inside the app windows.

- It would be nice to have a hook to OSX "Do Not Disturb", though I imagine that interaction can be complex. I'll give you my example. I do presentations. When I plan to do one, there's two things I do: 1) Turn on "Do Not Disturb" and 2) Turn on Caffeine or Owly app to make sure my laptop display doesn't sleep during my preso. It would be great for TimeOut to not try and break if "Do Not Disturb" is turned on. However I can imagine others would want things setup differently.

"Count Backwards" doesn't stop at break interval

When using the "Count Backwards" capability for a given break, the counting appears to go indefinitely. I would expect the counting to walk backwards only to the interval between the breaks.

For example, my Micro break is configured to last 15 seconds repeating every 15 minutes. But I left my machine for about an hour this morning, and when I came back the next Micro break is not due to occur for 50 minutes. During the period of inactivity, I would expect it to walk backwards to 15 minutes then stop.

Possible bug in 2.0b: unable to select script in Actions Tab > Reveal Scripts menu

When I try to change the Actions associated with a break, I can't use any of the scripts e.g. iTunes Pause.

When I click on "Reveal Scripts", I get a regular Finder window instead of an "Open File" Finder window. See attachments

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