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Version 2.5.2 (2048)

Feature request: test folders or groups

We have an enterprise license of Simon and it's been really great but I'm running into some growing pains with adding devices to check. I was wondering if there was any thought to creating test groups and/or a folder system in the main testing window.

The first idea I had would just be a simple folder structure in the main window. You could create folders for a type of device and put the individual tests in there. For example, a folder for Xserves, a folder for NAS servers, folder for HTTP tests, etc. We have about 22 tests currently running and it's getting a little hard to easily scan through and see everything. Possibly have a single notification icon for the folder when it's closed that's green if everything is up and red if one or more are down.

A second idea is testing groups that would work where you can setup one test and feed it multiple IPs. I see this working for something like IP cameras. We have about 48 scattered around and it would be nice to setup one test that might check them periodically. Maybe even test them in sequence. If we had a group that tested one camera every thirty minutes, it would test each camera once a day. Maybe for high priority devices like Xserves, you could check a server each minute.

So that's just my thoughts after a few weeks of using Simon. Just wondering if there was anything like this in the works or if it'd even be possible.


Authentication Failing with jsp


Authentication is failing when username and password are input via POST using jsp.

Here's the behavior:
I set up the notification and use Preview to go through the authentication.
The password-protected page works fine until the authentication times out (a minute or so) and then fails until I hand log-in again.

I tried cookies but they get sent to the wrong page (the destination page, not the login page) and I don't know what else to try.

The server is Apache and all the pages are loaded via jsp (java server pages) calls (not html)

I don't know if it matters, but the site is secure: https.

Thanks for any help.

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