Version 2.5.7

HTTP - Monitor Page Response Time

Wondering if setting up an HTTP test to check for the closing html tag in a page is enough to monitor an approximate response time for a web page?

Not needing exact ms load times. Just an average to see if there are times the page times out.

Is the check duration approximate enough?

2.5.7 hangs on testing

Greetings -

With Mac Mini, 10.6.4 all updates, Simon 2.5.7
Hangs on testing a site that's down:
(at this time the box is up - pings - but httpd is down)
After 30 seconds, Simon stops updating the elapsed time
next, the Spinning Beachball of Death - which slows down sometimes - interesting
Can't do anything else
After clicking on a window from another app, clicking in the Simon window does not bring back Simon's menubar
Must force quit app - still does this on next launch.

- just reconfirmed by editing a good test of our college website to bung the URL, and Simon goes to it's happy place at 29 seconds as before.

Any suggestions welcome - TIA

john gonder

Backup Recovery Installation

How do you do a backup recovery (or migration) for Simon. I'm doing a new install to replace a server that crashed. I copied my backed up files (Notifiers, Reports, Services) into Library/Application\ Support/Dejal/Simon/ on the new server but now what?

I can't find any step-by-step instructions on the site.


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