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Version 4.2.2 (4031)

FTP directory Listing?

HI ,

Trying to setup FTP Directory Listing, on a remote web server, when I set it up with the credentials I get error:

ftp: Command not found. (1) in the Activity Area.

What am I missing?

Login to form with CSRF

Is there a trick for logging into a website that uses a CSRF field in their login form?

Using Proxies with Simon

Hey there, I'm using Simon since a while and from time to time it would be really helpful to have the outgoing connections go through one (or a list of) proxy IP addresses. Is there a script or something available to use Simon with proxies? Thanks in advance!

User or Malware Change Monitoring

I am trying to monitor my server for any changes, whether from users or malware. I'm trying out Simon.

According to the following, Simon couldn't check all pages of a site:

This was posted in 2010. David Sinclair said "I have had one or two requests for a service that scans all pages on a site, and I'll probably add that in due course, though it isn't currently scheduled."

Has this been added?

Also, is there a way to check the server via FTP instead of depending on public web pages?

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