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Preferences > Break > Appearance

This is the Appearance tab of the Normal or Micro preference pages (it is the same on both pages). It allows changing the background color and transparency during the break, plus showing or hiding some buttons to delay or avoid a break.

Background color: Click this color well to display the standard color palette, where you can change the color used to dim the screen(s). It defaults to gray.

Background transparency: Drag this slider to set how much Time Out dims your screen(s): towards the left, your work won't be very obscured, whereas towards the right it will be more and more obscured. This defaults to mostly obscured.

Show button to postpone: These two checkboxes each control a button that appears during a break, that allows you to delay the break briefly. This is useful if you are in the middle of something important when the break falls due. You can change the delay interval (in minutes), or uncheck either or both of these preferences to remove the buttons, to avoid temptation. By default both buttons are enabled.

Show button to skip break: This checkbox is similar to the previous ones, except it shows or hides a button to entirely skip the break, rather than just delay it. If this button is clicked, it'll be as if you had the break, so the next one will be as regularly scheduled. This is also enabled by default.

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