Time Out User Guide

Preferences > Break > Sounds

This is the Sounds tab of the Normal or Micro preference pages (it is the same on both pages). It allows you to be notified via a sound at the start of a break, and/or when it is over. You can even use it to play some music during the break - the start sound will be stopped at the end of the break.

This page has two boxes with the same controls, as described below. The first one is for a sound to play at the start, and the second one is for the end of the break.

Play sound: This pop-up menu contains a range of sounds to play. The default is None.

Click this button to play the currently chosen sound. While playing, the button changes to allow you to stop playing.

Sound / music file: This displays the path of the sound file you have chosen, if you selected the Sound / Music File option. The window is resizable, so you can make it wider to see the full path, if isn't all visible.

Set: Click this button to change the sound file.

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