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Failures that won't recover

I'm checking a website for http service. Several times it's notified me that the website has failed. When I navigate to the website, it appears to be working fine. But, Simon says it still hasn't recovered. When I look at the source or the preview it shows that the server can't be found. But when I 'go to site' it looks fine. But, Simon still tells me that it has a failure.

I don't know why I'm getting these failures - but even if they are legit, why won't it recover?


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Re: Failures that won't recover

What is the exact error in the Failures page of the Monitor window?

Do you have Smart Change Detection switched on, with text specified for the Start or End blocks? If it can't find that text, it'd give an error saying so (which is a useful technique to ensure that the page includes essential output).

Perhaps attach screenshots of the page errors, if that helps clarify.