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Report feature - does it exist

Does the option to have the actual ping results show in a report when Simon says pings failed.

Basically I'm looking to see the actual ping results to see more detailed info on reported failures.

I though I had seen this once, but maybe I was dreaming..

Could you let me know if it is possible and how to enable if it is.


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Re: Report feature - does it exist

Hi "uskiwi" — so you're a NZer in the US too, eh? I spent most of my life in NZ till my wife and I moved to the US in 2001.

Within Simon, you can see the actual ping results via the Preview window.

If you're talking about the Reports feature, you can use the {LastChangeTextWithoutHTML} report variable to output the ping text. (It outputs the text between the Smart Change Detection start and change text blocks, but normally you wouldn't specify text for Ping, so it'll output everything.) Note that this variable was introduced in version 2.5, so you'll need to update to the beta release currently.