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Simon freezes on Xserve

I have reccently moved Simon from a MacMini to a Xserve : I wil work fine for a period of time but often hangs (not responding),
I cannot find the process in EventViewer, in order to remove and restart the app, so i often have to restart the entire server.
does it have to do with Simon not being compatible with Xserve architecure?

Txs Reinier Pahladsingh

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Re: Simon freezes on Xserve

I know of several customers happily using Simon on Xserves and with the Server OSes, so I don't think that is the problem.

If it hangs again, please send me a Sample so I can see what it is stuck on:

1. Open Activity Monitor;
2. Click on Simon;
3. Click Sample Process;
4. Click Save... and save to a file;
5. Send me the file.