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SFTP directory change?

I did look around for SFTP here before I posted this... didn't find what I needed.

I'm looking for a way to monitor an SFTP upload directory for changes. I have one for my client's clients, and I need to know when one of his clients uploads something. I see a lot of FTP options in Simon, but no SFTP.

Suggestions as to how to be notified if the directory of this SFTP location changes, would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: SFTP directory change?

You could use a Script-based service to use the sftp command-line tool, though you'd need to use public/private keys, since you can't pass the password on the command line.

See this Google search for several discussions on this topic.

If anyone else has more specific tips, please post them!

Once you get the directory listing, you can use one of several filters to detect changes — perhaps simply the Change filter if you want to detect any change to the output, or just look at a subset via Block or one of the Find filters.

Re: SFTP directory change?

Thanks, David.