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Own videos and icons

Hi David,

Just subscribe to your beautiful app and I have some questions (might have been asked before ...):

1. Is it possible to replace the icons in "Show Time Out status in the menu bar" - and if yes - how?

2. How can I make a theme that can access a local video file?

I'm not a developer so please have some patience here :D


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Re: Own videos and icons

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for using Time Out; I'm glad you like it.

  1. You can choose one of the icons in the popup menu in your screenshot, or choose to use the status color. You can't use a custom icon.
  2. You can copy any theme (like the "Tropical Rain" one in your screenshot) in the Finder, and modify it to be different. For that one, just changing the "videoId" value in the HTML should play a different YouTube video. To play a local file, you'd need to make a HTML page with a video tag. You could base that on a local theme like the "Icon" one.

If you're not familiar with editing HTML, you might want to explore w3schools.com, which includes easy-to-follow tutorials.

Hope this helps!