Possible monitor colour corruption

I am getting occasional changes to the monitor colour, as if the calibration has been lost (subtle change of colours). I can correct this by running monitor preferences and clicking on the colour tab.
Is it possible this is being caused by Time Out (since it alters the monitor to a grayed-out state)? Could it be that Time Out doesn't restore the monitor correctly every time after a time out?

Apologies for not being more certain about this, but it is tricky to establish exactly when the problem happens.

I have a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard, with an external monitor.

FR: no breaks when another app is in full-screen

It would be nice if Time Out would recognize when another app (DVD Player, Skype, etc.) was in full-screen mode and then not take breaks. Or, perhaps this could be optionally enabled.

I find that I forget to disable Time Out before starting to watch a DVD, so 10 minutes in I need to pause and disable Time Out. Then I forget to reenable Time Out when I'm finished watching the DVD.


Bug report: Incorrect version number identification

Version 1.5.5 identifies itself to the Finder as v1.5.4, as a result of which the app tells me every few days that it needs to be updated from 1.5.4 to 1.5.5.

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