one-time purchase option would improve your sales

Great job on this app's development! If I could purchase it once for $3 to $15 like most utilities and get all the advanced features permanently for the current app version, I would.

I'm betting your subscription-like model requires more financial commitment from potential customers than most people are willing to make for a utility app. That's the case for me. You could make a lot more $ from the many people like me who are out there if you'd offer a non-subscription purchase option at "the going rate" for utility apps. In a non-subscription-like payment system, you could still get ongoing income from past purchasers, if future upgrades are compelling enough to convince customers to buy new versions you release.

You may find out from others' responses to this post if this idea resonates with your audience.

Email me if you make a change like I've described, and I'll likely buy Time Out. With the current pricing model, I'll be looking at my other options for now.

Is there a way to set multiple actions that the program will cycle through?

So, the idea is to set a separate action reminder for each of the following: pushups, squats, jog and have the system show a different action on each hour break. I realize this may extend way beyond the program's capabilities but figured I'd ask anyway. Thanks in advance.

How do I make TimeOut open in background at startup ?

TimeOut opens at login and overall seems to work well. One minor irritant is that it doesn't open in the background. How do I get TO to open in background ? No pref I can see for this.

Theme settings are not being saved


there is a bug that causes that some of theme settings are not saving.

I'd like to use a theme "None". It works after I choose it, but this setting reverts back to "Icon" after a computer restart.

Preferences keep opening automatically

I have Time Out in my list of applications to open automatically when I start up my Mac. It used to do this seamlessly in the background and just start counting down to the next break with 1.X. Now with 2.0 and 2.1 it always opens the preferences dialog box, and also seems to keep doing it at other times, like after waking from sleep. Not a huge deal, but kind of annoying. Can't find anywhere in the preferences to change that behavior. Am I missing something?

Lee Carlson

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