Does not work in another space.


Time out does not work when I work within another space (citrix). What can I do?


Simon 3.2b1 on PPC?

I was excited to give Simon 3.2b1 a try, hoping that it would eliminate the bogus HTTP failures that I've been seeing in 3.1.1.

When I downloaded the beta, however, the app won't run because it says it won't run on the PPC architecture. The Get Info on the app also says "Application (Intel)". I'm running Simon on a G5 with 10.5.8.

The beta release notes say that Simon 3.2b1 is a Universal Application, so it should run on PPC. Was it just an oversight that beta wasn't compiled as a Universal Application, or are the release notes wrong and Simon is going Intel-only in this version?


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