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How difficult would it be to build a grouping feature into Simon.

IE Pagesentry has an option for me to group each of our offices into 1 group. The advantage of this is that if an office goes down it only sends us 1 email instead of multiple emails notifying is that this office has gone down.

For example @ all our offices we ping the following:

- Router
- Server
- Printer
- Time Capsule.

If a whole office goes down, we get 4 emails letting us know that they have gone down and 4 emails when they come up. Is their a way we can minimise this? Ie 1 email saying Penrith office is down?



Please enter a valid URL

I'm getting "Please enter a valid URL" error when I try to save an edit to a test, but the URL works. Any ideas? Thanks

Reporting context and capturing images

Dear Simon forum,

Now that I have Simon working and have a better grasp on how filters and other report features work, I am trying to determine if I can capture the context of a change, rather than just the change itself.

For instance, I currently have a test searching for changes to a job search wiki here: http://psychjobsearch.wikidot.com/. I get reports on changes such as "offer made", but these are not very helpful without the institution name that falls at the start of the line (I have to load the page in a browser and search for the modified text -- whereas what I would like is "Institution X: bla bla offer made").

Is there a way to incorporate context (say the entire text belonging to each line rather than just the changed part of the line) using the Simon filters? I searched and couldn't find a thread on this topic in the forum.

Also, is it possible to download an image if a change is detected? I would like to grab an image from a webcam, say every 15 min, and the test scheduler in simon seems like a good way to do that.

Thanks in advance for your help.

James Brown

Filter tutorial + highlighting

Dear Dejal,

As a new user I am finding the learning curve very steep. A tutorial on how to use filters would be very helpful. Also, some way to indicate the text that is isolated/checked by the filter in the CURRENT source code would be very helpful. Just highlighting the relevant text would be enough. That way it would be obvious what each filter is actually doing.

Thanks for considering!

Newest Simon on 10.7.3 - Changes not detected.

Changes are simply not being detected, whether I'm using ftp or http. The preview will show that change has occured, but is never detected.

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